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We know, innovating is like going open sea, both exciting and scary.

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Smart Data Solutions: a comprehensive, digital competitiveness tool tailored to your company.

Our Digital Competitiveness Index tool will help you map every market to compare alternatives and uncover and leverage opportunities.

Smart Mobility Solutions is a set of digital mobility tools that enhance efficiency and sustainability in any context.

Our data-driven digital platforms enable the integration of various mobility-related data, facilitating better decision-making for infrastructure investment, new services to be offered or the monitoring of sustainable initiatives.

Make a difference with our Advanced Mobility Tech

Grow your business with the number-one mobility tech company worldwide. Mobility & Transportation as a Service, Market Place, Mobility subscription business model, Demand optimization, Insight & Platform, the Advanced Connected vehicle Technologies, e-Commerce and Multichannel Platform.

Projects that make you a leader

Our unique methodology helps you detect the best data-based business opportunities. We analyse and define mobility strategies based on real-life execution. Venture, Mobility Framework, Service Definition, Product Development and Launch & Scale Up.